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GUESTBOOK/CLASSIFIEDS: Hey Mopar fans, drop us a line. Looking for, or selling, cars or parts? Check out the classifieds.

Mopar Parts: Mopar performance parts, sportswear, dealers, and more

Some Favorite Classics: Muscle car pictures from DODGEBROS

Mopars For Sale: What a GREAT selection of mopar metal

NASCAR: Check out how Dodge is doing!!

VIN Decoder: 1966-1974 Compliments of Northern Mopar Auto Club.

FORD & CHEV: This is for all you NON MOPAR fans

The Dodge Bros Garage Join the Dodge Bros muscle car club. It's fun and it's free!!

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Click here for your favorite MOPAR items. They have everything!!
(from Calgary AB.) Wayne Akister's 70 R/T SE

Cars Owned By The Dyrland Boys

62 Valiant- 64 Valiant- 64 Polara- 67 Belvedere- 68 Coronet440- 68 Coronet500 conv.- 69 Coronet500- 71 Roadrunner- 71 Newport-73 Charger- 74 Challenger- 74 D100 pickup- 75 Boogie van- 76 Boogie van- 76 Arrow- (2)76 Fury's- 79 Roadrunner-79 NewYorker- 81 D100- 81 CordobaLS- 81 TC3 Turismo- 84 Caravan 84 GLH- 85 Ramcharger-86 K car-(2)86 Laser's- 86 Lebaron GTS-86 Ramcharger-87 Colt Vista- (2)89 Lebaron coupe's- 89 LebaronGTS- 89 VoyagerSE- 93 VoyagerSE- 95 Caravan- 96 Eagle Vision- (2)97 Ram1500- 99 Intrpid ES- 99 Neon EX


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